Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Fall?} Wait... what happened to winter?

It's quite true y'all it feels and looks like fall. No snow. No leaves. But we have sun, fairly warm weather, grass that isn't covered by snow, and a pond that isn't frozen... simply just water... after all that wanting snow...I'm actually quite content with the nice weather...although snow would be nice. It's actually very refreshing...I don't really know why.

I've been trying to look for some hard crust bread recipes. Do you know of any really good ones? I would love to have the recipe.... that is if your willing to give it up. ;)  

We've been pretty busy...you know the usual; Comers and goers at the house, parties, re-adjusting to life, Hanukkah, hunting, school. Oh, and we might be going to a New Years Eve party in Tennessee! I'm pretty excited for that...even though I'm not ready to go on another longgggg road trip...  

I absolutely loved this outfit for today... the skirt is so easy and wavy...that it feels like your almost wearing nothing (I know, kinda weird) but it's true. The green shirt went just perfectly, and the tan sweater was also easy and warm. I was really excited on how all of it just want together so nicely! I have my Mom to thank for letting me borrow the skirt.  

I'm kinda sorta in a sewing mood today....hmmm...I wonder what I should sew...I saw this really cute idea for a skirt on Pinterest...hmmm...I think i'll just have to try it out. 

Have a blessed day everyone! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Necklace: Resale shop 
Shirt: GoodWill
Sweater: Loft
Skirt: GoodWill
Slippers: Garage Sale

Saturday, December 15, 2012

-Mix and Match-

No, I actually didn't wear this outfit today....but I absolutely love it, so I thought I would just go ahead and post it. I had fun mixing and matching...and trying to see if I could get it all to flow....I think I accomplished that. What do you think?

We still haven't had any snow...but we did have 3 sunny days in a row. It's better then gray. So I was pretty thankful for that...it really boosts my day.

Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah....wow I can't believe it passed so fast. And 2013 is almost here!  This year didn't really feel that long at all....it all just flew right past me.

Beanies...I LOVE beanies! Do you? They are just so easy, stylish, and can dress up or down an outfit. 

Lats night we went to a Hanukkah party at our Fellowship. It was a lot of fun! All of the kids played cards, hide and go seek ( that didn't last long) Talked, ate lots of yummmmmmyyyy treats, met some new family's ( that was definitely the hight light of the night) Planned a girls day with 2 new girls we met, and just had a really great time.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Beanie: Garage Sale
Scarf: From Brooklyn 
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Kohl's 
Skirt: Aeropostale
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Payless Shoes 


Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Post

Hey y'all! I did a guest post on Natalies Fashion Blog: http://elantheblog.blogspot.com/
Check it out. Also check out her blog...I know your gonna love it just as much as I do. She has a great eye for Photography and loves fashion....head on over there.  :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow...anytime today

We had the first snow today! It lasted for about 5 minutes...kinda depressing that it didn't last very long... and then after it snowed we had some wonderful rain that was not quite welcome by me...as you can tell I'm kinda really wanting snow....I guess you could say the grey and wet weather is really working on my patience. Well then, I guess God knows what spiritual- maturity- character-building I need to be working on this winter...patience. Like they say the Lord works in mysterious ways. But all the more reason for me to appreciate the snow when it's does come...so I guess it's all gonna work out...in time. :)  

I love how in winter when it's warm and toasty inside, but cold outside...you kinda get the best of both worlds in this season....when you can sit around the fire place with warm fuzzy socks on, and your cozy slippers, hot coco, popcorn, friends, wrapped in a blanket, maybe a board game or two....and laughter. Or you could go outside and make snow angles in the white frosty blanket that covers your property, go sledding, or ice skating on that beautiful sheet of glass that covers your pond. It's all so wonderful. I can't help but be thankful to the Almighty for everything beautiful that he has given us. 


Whats your favorite way to make hot coco in winter? I would love to hear about it. I like trying new flavors with my hot drinks. You know something that leaves that awesome taste in your mouth...or that other taste that tells you you probably shouldn't try that again.  Haha...Yup I know I'm in my slippers...but that's what the pleasure of winter is all about right...cozy warm-niss. Well not all the time but sometimes winter does call for slippers to be worn outdoors.

Well, I'll leave y'all on that coco note! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Head Band: Claire's 
Shirt: Friend
Tank Top: Old Navy 
Skirt: Goodwill
Slippers: Garage Sale


Friday, December 7, 2012

Polka Dotted Rain Boots...{why not?}

Go fun, go bold, go polka dotted rain boots! There easy, can get dirty, stylish (well, at least I think so) and are good for rainy gloomy gray days...duh. :P  And that's the kinda day it was, so why not put on them there rain boots? I did. :)

 I guess I was kinda tired of the same old same old...so as I said up there; I went with polka dotted rain boots! And I did a purple and gray striped shirt with a jean jacket, knitted scarf and an easy black skirt. I don't know if I always do this but sometimes I will match my clothes to the weather... kinda weird I know...I guess I am just a weird person... in a good way....I hope ;) Do you ever do that?

I made this realllllllly amazing dish for dinner tonight (not trying to brag or anything) ;) It's called Stromboli...ever heard of it? It's like a baked sandwich. It has turkey, turkey bacon, cheese and green onions in it. Sound yummy to you?

Something must had been really funny...hmmmm...at the moment I don't really remember what. :P

Well I better go. It's almost sundown and, the kitchen isn't really clean and the table needs to be set and I still need to make tomato soup and broccoli...and Sabbath starts at 5:30 yikes! See y'all later!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blessings in November...and {forever}

Okay, yes more like the end of November. But still November. How has it been for you? I don't think I could really describe what it's been like for me. I mean life is so amazing. I'm so blessed to have a family, friends, a roof over my head, faith....etc. Sometimes I take things for granted, but then I realize that this isn't "granted" it's blessings form the Almighty! Nothing is for granted...everything is a blessing that we must cherish. Life is so short. I always think that from a year from now I want to look back and be happy with the decisions that I made, the things I said, and the people I met. Everything is a blessing from God. I what to be thankful. :) 

 So in this outfit it was a bit of a warmer day...the weather was cold but still warm enough to put a quarter sleeve shirt on...but since it is November and all.... I put on some knee high socks and rolled them down a bit so they didn't come up so high that I looked like a soccer player. :P

To give y'all a little update: (this is pretty short and not very self explanatory) :P  We have been in IN for a little while visiting with some friends. We left last  Tuesday from IN drove through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia. Then spent 2 days with some friends in Washington D.C, and thennnnnn we ended up in North Carolina to meet my big brother who was coming back from fighting in Afghanistan. He's all done in the Marines! Such a blessing to have him home with us! So we are staying at a beach house with him for a little while...eating cheese cake, watching the waves roll in and celebrating my other brother's birthday...and much much more! Anddddddddddd then tomorrow we and 2 other family's are leaving for Tennessee and stay at a resort. And then it's home. Yuppp we've been pretty busy....but it's all in a days fun! Can't say there's ever a dull moment in our family.   

 How did you enjoy fall? 

Sorry I would say more but ummm...there is this great thing called sleeping....and uh yeah.... :)

 So to leave y'all on that. Have a wonderful rest of November! :) 

My Fabulous Finds: 
Shirt: Hollister
Skirt: Old Navy
Socks: Snaked them from my mom
Boots: Goodwill


Monday, November 5, 2012

..."SoLuTiOnS" ...

Well, y'all...you know that "solutions" that I talked about? um *clears throat *...it was a crash and burn. So now I'm on to plan B...and I don't have a plan "B" so I'm back where I started...which was more or less.... nowhere. I've been asking some blogger Ladies and doing some researching (not one of my best talents) Looking for some help/solutions. Anyways I really just wanted to say thank you so much for all your waiting and waiting andddd waiting...Hopeful (I know I said this last time :P) I WILL be up and posting again soon. Blessings, and have a wonderful sunshiny day :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grace Kelly's unknown Daughter... and I'm !{back}!

Hey y'all! If you can read this, then praise God! It feels good to be up and running...but enough with the celebrating, let me tell you I finally I found a temporary solution for the picture problem...yay! So, I can give y'all a rough draft of what's been happening around here.

 I've been tramping through chicken droppings and mud in a silk dress and high-heals (fun), late nights, VERY interesting and quite weird Apples to Apples games, spelunking with a whole group of friends (AMAZING), waiting in line for 45 minutes to get the best pizza in Indiana (seriously it was really yummy) riding a golf cart around with the neighbor kids until you have enough blisters from holding on to tight because the driver decides to do rainbows every 2 seconds...and enough bugs to make a whole yummy salad (but it was pretty fun!), photo shoots with friends, bowling with some of the best friends EVER, running to the gas station with your brother, little sister and 2 of the neighbor kids to get some soda... we were there for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to get...so instead of going with our original plan of "just a soda" we left with..... 6 sodas, 2 push up pops, 2 snicker bars, 3 packs of gum, potato chips and a not very happy check out lady...whoops didn't mean to get on her bad side, and then on the way back we pass by my sister and her friend who went to Starbucks. 

Going on a last minute dune trip with some friends, baking peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies (yummy), dancing with your sister to the song "Don't Stop The Madness" by Tenth Avenue North, family devotions, Girls Bible studies...I would say more but...this would be a very LONG post. :P  

Today it was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was about 75*, there was a wonderful breeze...it felt just like summer again, and tomorrow were supposed to have snow...weird huh? Don't you just love how the weather teases you?

Today I went with a Grace Kelly's outfit/wardrobe style! It's supposed to be my 60's outfit...what do y'all think? Yay or nay? It was really funny wearing it...and I loved the colors. As I was sitting here writing it, my mom and one of her friends were saying that my outfit style looked like Grace Kelly's...and then one of the mom's said that I should title this post "Grace Kelly's unknown Daughter" and so I did. :)

Who already has snow? I'm dreading it...lest just say; sliding off an icy road or trenching through wet white snow...we just don't mix to well. Who else shares my dislike for snow? Anyone? 

          I better go, it's almost eleven and my friends are calling me to a Euchre game...and I gotta say that's my week spot! Yup ya learn something new about me every day ;) Well I'll see y'all later.

My Fabulous Finds: 

Shirt: Kohl's 
Skirt: Hmm...it's my friends, friends skirt...so yeah I don't really know :P 
Beautiful Weather: The Almighty


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm .STILL. {here}

Hey everyone! Y'all probably wondering where I've been. Well, number one reason for my absence is that we have been camping with over a hundred people for Sukkot. It was awesome. There was lots of kids, the best games of 4 square you will ever play, card games, staying up until 4 in the morning, candy, hay rides, horse back riding...you know, allllll the works. So, yes, we did have a very lovely time. And my reason number two; Well, the other day I was uploading pictures for my newest post and it said that I was not able to upload any more pictures because I used up my 1 free GB usage and would I have to pay x-amount of dollars a month. So after a asking a few blog ladies, Olivia from Fresh Modesty gave me a suggestion. I'm so thankful for her help! Hopefuly I will be up and running again soon. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. :) 


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Closet Quote Of The Day!

Happy Moments 
Praise God 
Difficult Moments 
Seek God
 Quite Moments 
Worship God
Painful Moments 
Trust God 
Everyday  Moments
Thank God

Monday, September 24, 2012

A sister so close...

Hey y'all! Yes this is not me in the pictures actually it's my older sister Zoe. I asked her if I could take some pics of her outfit for my blog...and not to my surprise she said yes! :) To tell ya the truth even though she looks quite older, her and I are only 15 months apart! And before she colored her hair we were almost ALWAYS mistaken for twins! I mean always. I know, kinda hard to believe. But we seriously did look a lot alike.


I love her outfit. It's so Fall-ish...and like I explained before anything that is Fall related I Fall-in-love-with! It was cold enough out to wear a long sleeve fleece shirt and warm enough to wear a skirt without leggings. That's my kinda weather!

I love my sisters! If you have one then I'm sure you know how blessed you are to have someone close to you that you can share your closets secrets with or someone to laugh with at things that happened yesterday. Someone who is always there for you. My dad always says; "friends will come and go, but family always stays." I love that saying because it is so true. You can always be sure that you have a family no matter what. Even though you have your ups and downs they're always there for you.  

Well I'll see y'all later...have a wonderful Fall filled day! :)

Earrings: Claire's 
Shirt: GoodWill
Skirt: Goodwill


Friday, September 21, 2012

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler, peach cobbler, peach cobbler! Can you tell I LOVE it? Well, if ya can't then let me be the first to tell you I love it! It's so sweet, fresh, warm...and Fall-ish! Anything that is even related to Fall I absolutely love! And...tonight's Sabbath. The sun is setting. The trees are turning colors. We're listening to David Osborn (soft, slow piano music). And the smell of home-made, from the farm, peach cobbler (mmmm) mashed potatoes (do they even have a smell?) BBQ and breaded chicken, cabbage soup, challah bread covered in a little cheese...all of these smells are lingering through the air tickling my nose. I wish there were 3 fridays in the whole week...ahhh...so peaceful...and mouthwatering.

Looking at life through a Fall perspective.

I love Fall colors for clothes. They are just...well, just Fall-ish. With all the natural colors, the boots and the long socks for cool nights there is so much to choose from.
I chose my olive green shirt and brown skirt. We worked all day getting ready for Sabbath so this outfit was just right for that. I spend most of my time barefooted...hence, no shoes in the pic. 
The air was fairly warm today so going out in my piggies was just fine with me. Won't get that luxury much longer!

Life really is beautiful. And life with family and Fall clothes....well that's just beautifallish!

Shirt: Garage Sale
Skirt: Garage Sale
Smile: Great attitude
Bare Feet: God

Enjoy!  Primrose

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Modesty: Just the Basics

Modesty Just the Basics:

Hey everyone this is Brooklyn Joy! Well, I have been working on a small article about modesty for y'all. Prim and I hope you find this helpful and encouraging! :) Before I start I would like to say; I'm not trying to sound preachy or tell you 'This is how you should dress' I'm just throwing out questions and getting other peoples views on this, and sharing with you my personal views on this subject...I hope that you truly enjoy reading this and are touched or encouraged by it. :)

 What is modesty and why do we bother with it? It's a fairly common question asked by many women and young girls. But before I start talking about all that I would like to show you The dictionary definition (yup I'm going there) of modesty is something like this: 
Modesty, is the state of being modest. Propriety in speech, actions a dress, not looking for unnecessary attention and absence of self assumption, self control and reserve. 
So, in context, what the definition of modest means is acting and dressing suitably and not putting yourself forward in a worldly way. And that modesty doesn't only mean 'dressing modestly' but it also has to do with...well, everything that was just said: The way you talk, act, walk...and yes the way you dress.
Now that we know what the definition of it is, and somewhat of what it means the next question is "Why is it important"? I think we have all asked ourselves this question from time to time (well, I have at least) For this question I asked several of my loyal readers to share their thoughts and views. So without further ado, ladies and gentleman...my Mom:
"Why is it important? It is important to me to show that Godly young women don't want to draw attention to themselves in a worldly or sensual way (at least not the wrong attention). She wants to draw attention to God. Also as young women, we don't want to be means of temptation or stumbling blocks for men. We're looking out for our brothers in Christ and we are setting an example for other women and girls, particularly the young ones." 

On another day I decided to bug (okay not really "bug") my cousin Katie with a different question. :)
Question: If girls love God with all there heart should it matter if they dress modestly? 
Answer: I think it's important because Christians we're supposed to be deferent from the rest of the world, and in a part of that is acting differently, Talking differently and dressing differently. One of the things I often asks my self when I'm shopping or getting dressed Is 'If Yeshua (Jesus) Was to come to my house today would I be ashamed of what I was wearing in front of Him? Or would this be a stumbling block for a man? 
That is a very good question to ask ourselves when we are dressings or shopping. Speaking of clothes, does being modest mean we have to put away all your cute clothes, put on burlap sacks that cover every inch of us, or to wear shapeless and colorless outfits...etc.? Yes. It does. Just kidding :P No! It sooooo does not mean that you can't look stylish or wear cute clothes. We just want to make sure that it is pleasing in the site of God. I mean look at Prim's outfits. Some are so cute I would love to permanently "borrow" them. But, don't worry Prim your clothes are safe... I do know the 8th Commandment.
Anyway... The most important part of modest is God does call us to dress modestly. 
After all if we have decided to follow Yeshua, and the we aren't control of our lives anymore, God is.
1 Corinthians 10:31 says "So wether you eat of drink or whatever you do, do it all of the glory of God. Thta's what I try to do every day when I'm doing anything... absolutely anything that I do not even just in what I wear but through everything I do I'm always trying to please God or give the glory to him... 
The Bible also talks about inward beauty in 1 Peter 3:3-2 "And let your adornment be merely external, braiding of the hair and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses. But let it be the hidden person in the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quite spirit, which is precious in the site of God.
That's all. Hope y'all enjoyed it! 

~Brooklyn Joy   

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Closet Quote of The day

The emerging women will be: Strong minded, strong hearted, strong souled and strong-bodied... strength and beauty must go together 

~Louisa May Alcott 

How long has it been...?

 Hey y'all! You're probably wondering where I've been for what has it been a week and a...half...? Well, we have some very very very verryyyy (did I mention very) close friends in IN, actually there more like family to us. We spend most of our summer either at their house or their lake house. They host huge camps every year that we are apart of. They live on a 40 acres with horses, chickens, lambs, goats, barn cats...you name it they got it. So this past week we have been at there lake house with another family having soooooo much fun! We played our own way of monopoly at 2:30 in the morning, played pranks, jet skied, swam, watched movies, and one of my most favorites... tubed! The tubing was awesome! We had 2 tubes going at one time so all of us would jump from tube to tube, throw each other off, hold on for dear life...ohhh, and when you fell off it felt like you were a rock skidding across pavement... but the pain of falling of was oh so worth it! That whole week none of us got any sleep we were up basically the whole night...so our family is kind of recovering from sleep loss syndrome. I hope I gave you a good picture of what our fun filled week looked like. :) What was the BEST part of our week? 

Brooklyn has just finished the Modesty article. So, I'm really excited to get that posted up here! I hope y'all enjoy it! 

This shirt is now one of my favorites! It goes with almost anything, it's comfy, loose fitting and so cute! And I also love this skirt, it's not to short, goes with everything (well almost) and is soooo...ummm...something... something...well, there is just something I absolutely LOVE about it! 

Fall is defiantly in the air! I'm sooo excited it! All of the trees are already turning colors, the air is getting colder...and that wonderful...wonderful..fall smell is just lingering everywhere...ahhh... who else is totally looking forward to it?

Until next time y'all! Bye. :)

My Fabulous Finds:

Short tank: Kohl's 
Shirt: Aeropostale 
Belt: Garage Sale
Skirt: Aeropostale 
Shoes: Cinderella's