Thursday, September 20, 2012

Modesty: Just the Basics

Modesty Just the Basics:

Hey everyone this is Brooklyn Joy! Well, I have been working on a small article about modesty for y'all. Prim and I hope you find this helpful and encouraging! :) Before I start I would like to say; I'm not trying to sound preachy or tell you 'This is how you should dress' I'm just throwing out questions and getting other peoples views on this, and sharing with you my personal views on this subject...I hope that you truly enjoy reading this and are touched or encouraged by it. :)

 What is modesty and why do we bother with it? It's a fairly common question asked by many women and young girls. But before I start talking about all that I would like to show you The dictionary definition (yup I'm going there) of modesty is something like this: 
Modesty, is the state of being modest. Propriety in speech, actions a dress, not looking for unnecessary attention and absence of self assumption, self control and reserve. 
So, in context, what the definition of modest means is acting and dressing suitably and not putting yourself forward in a worldly way. And that modesty doesn't only mean 'dressing modestly' but it also has to do with...well, everything that was just said: The way you talk, act, walk...and yes the way you dress.
Now that we know what the definition of it is, and somewhat of what it means the next question is "Why is it important"? I think we have all asked ourselves this question from time to time (well, I have at least) For this question I asked several of my loyal readers to share their thoughts and views. So without further ado, ladies and Mom:
"Why is it important? It is important to me to show that Godly young women don't want to draw attention to themselves in a worldly or sensual way (at least not the wrong attention). She wants to draw attention to God. Also as young women, we don't want to be means of temptation or stumbling blocks for men. We're looking out for our brothers in Christ and we are setting an example for other women and girls, particularly the young ones." 

On another day I decided to bug (okay not really "bug") my cousin Katie with a different question. :)
Question: If girls love God with all there heart should it matter if they dress modestly? 
Answer: I think it's important because Christians we're supposed to be deferent from the rest of the world, and in a part of that is acting differently, Talking differently and dressing differently. One of the things I often asks my self when I'm shopping or getting dressed Is 'If Yeshua (Jesus) Was to come to my house today would I be ashamed of what I was wearing in front of Him? Or would this be a stumbling block for a man? 
That is a very good question to ask ourselves when we are dressings or shopping. Speaking of clothes, does being modest mean we have to put away all your cute clothes, put on burlap sacks that cover every inch of us, or to wear shapeless and colorless outfits...etc.? Yes. It does. Just kidding :P No! It sooooo does not mean that you can't look stylish or wear cute clothes. We just want to make sure that it is pleasing in the site of God. I mean look at Prim's outfits. Some are so cute I would love to permanently "borrow" them. But, don't worry Prim your clothes are safe... I do know the 8th Commandment.
Anyway... The most important part of modest is God does call us to dress modestly. 
After all if we have decided to follow Yeshua, and the we aren't control of our lives anymore, God is.
1 Corinthians 10:31 says "So wether you eat of drink or whatever you do, do it all of the glory of God. Thta's what I try to do every day when I'm doing anything... absolutely anything that I do not even just in what I wear but through everything I do I'm always trying to please God or give the glory to him... 
The Bible also talks about inward beauty in 1 Peter 3:3-2 "And let your adornment be merely external, braiding of the hair and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses. But let it be the hidden person in the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quite spirit, which is precious in the site of God.
That's all. Hope y'all enjoyed it! 

~Brooklyn Joy   


  1. Wonderful post! I agree entirely! You covered everything nicely! (especially liked the part about wearing a burlap sack! LOL!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Thank you very much! Oh yeah, I have always wanted to try a burlap sack, I'm sure it's every girls dream to wear one! Just kidding LOL!

      Brooklyn Joy