Monday, September 3, 2012

Barefoot in {the} garden!

I love it. I love being barefoot in the garden! Who else besides me likes the feeling of fresh country dirt between your toes? Shoes are nice... but barefoot... ahhh... you just can't beat that feeling. Or running through fresh green grass in the summer heat.... life is good that way... :)

Ohh... fall is on the way! I'm soooo excited. The definition of fall for me: Beautiful colors, fresh warm apple cider, carmel apples, jackets (oh, how I love jackets)  Pumpkins, candles, leaves, hay rides, donuts, dancing, brown boots, Sukkot... etc. So, yes I LOVE Fall! What is your top fav things about Fall?

Have you ever made apple cider? It's the best (of course everything homemade is the best) But... I'm telling ya there is nothing else like it.

So, in this outfit I just went really easy and comfy. We are doing lots of canning, freezing and cutting the grass...etc. I didn't really do anything fancy...I also did my hair in a pretty simple way. I'm more of a person who likes her hair down and free. How about you? Do you like it down or up off your neck? 

I'll see ya later! Dirt's calling my name... or no I think that might be my mom... wait...uh.. yup it's dirt, gotta run! Bye. :)

My Fabulous Finds: 

Half sports tank: Kohl's
Shirt: Kohl's
Skirt: Goodwill



  1. Ahh, can totally relate to going barefoot! I start out with flipflops, but as soon as I need to run I'm barefoot again. And it's fun washing off your feet under the freezing cold hose outside :) I'd have to say that I keep my hair up most, just in a pony tail, pretty much 70% of the time. Down doesn't really suit me ;) Do you make your own apple cider? That's one thing I want to try someday!

  2. Yes that's totally what I'm talking about! My sisters like there hair up to.... sometimes I like mine up but not most of the time :) Yes we do! It's sooooo yummy! Girl you gotta try it ;)