Sunday, September 16, 2012

How long has it been...?

 Hey y'all! You're probably wondering where I've been for what has it been a week and a...half...? Well, we have some very very very verryyyy (did I mention very) close friends in IN, actually there more like family to us. We spend most of our summer either at their house or their lake house. They host huge camps every year that we are apart of. They live on a 40 acres with horses, chickens, lambs, goats, barn name it they got it. So this past week we have been at there lake house with another family having soooooo much fun! We played our own way of monopoly at 2:30 in the morning, played pranks, jet skied, swam, watched movies, and one of my most favorites... tubed! The tubing was awesome! We had 2 tubes going at one time so all of us would jump from tube to tube, throw each other off, hold on for dear life...ohhh, and when you fell off it felt like you were a rock skidding across pavement... but the pain of falling of was oh so worth it! That whole week none of us got any sleep we were up basically the whole our family is kind of recovering from sleep loss syndrome. I hope I gave you a good picture of what our fun filled week looked like. :) What was the BEST part of our week? 

Brooklyn has just finished the Modesty article. So, I'm really excited to get that posted up here! I hope y'all enjoy it! 

This shirt is now one of my favorites! It goes with almost anything, it's comfy, loose fitting and so cute! And I also love this skirt, it's not to short, goes with everything (well almost) and is soooo...ummm...something... something...well, there is just something I absolutely LOVE about it! 

Fall is defiantly in the air! I'm sooo excited it! All of the trees are already turning colors, the air is getting colder...and that wonderful...wonderful..fall smell is just lingering everywhere...ahhh... who else is totally looking forward to it?

Until next time y'all! Bye. :)

My Fabulous Finds:

Short tank: Kohl's 
Shirt: Aeropostale 
Belt: Garage Sale
Skirt: Aeropostale 
Shoes: Cinderella's 



  1. PRETTY!! :D I missed you!! ;) Hey, did you get your hair cut? It looks's so pretty!! (It was beautiful before too!) I just got my hair's layered and a teeny bit shorter! :)

  2. Thank you!! :) Sorry I was gone soooooo long :) Yup I did... and I got blonde highlights to!! Ooooo cool beans! Oh, I bet layers look pretty on you! :)

  3. Pretty!! Aww, thanks!! I love it!! I'll try and send you a pic over e-mail!!