Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Post By Natalia

Hey y'all! I would like to introduce you to Natalia. I've met her recently in blogging. And the time that I have know her has been such a blessing! She has an awesome taste in style! She's fun, has a great sense of humor, has a passion for stylish modesty, and wants nothing more then to please her Creator. Check out her blog  (she give's you the address in her post) I know you will love her photography, (which she is SO wonderfully gifted at)   fashion, poems and stories just as much as I do. ;) So Ladies....with no further ado:

// First off, I'd like to thank Prim for inviting me to do this guest post for her aaandd waiting so patiently. This took me like what, a month (or two) to get to her. Holidays, my friends, is what I'm gonna go and blame it on. Prim here is a totally awesome girl with a huge heart for God, and in the short time I've known her I've been incredibly blessed with her love of God and her amazing (yet modest) style. So thank you Prim! Keep doing what you do. \\

If you know me well (in real life) then you would probably know that when it comes to fashion, I'm rather lazy. I prefer to call it a casual tomboy-esque style rather then be honest and say "I'm a lazy slob." However, since I'm nearing fifteen (less the two weeks!) I figured it was time I get to act together and start dressing nicer (I've been telling that to myself since I was thirteen.) So this new year I'm resoluting to dress more stylish. With the purpose to develop my style without wasting a lot of time in the morning or losing my comfort (comfort over style is my motto.) That being said, here are some ways I took my comfy, most favoritest graphic tee and styled it like I actually care-- which I do, really! 

// one. striped maxi skirt, scarf, cardigan, converse + favorite tee. \\

// two. solid maxi skirt, plaid shirt, converse + favorite tee. \\

// three. jeans, cardigan, beanie, knee-high boots + favorite boots. \\

Hey there, I'm Natalia! I blog over at √Član. I love doing anything creative and artsy. Designing, photography, reading, traveling, pretending I'm a poet, and cuddling with my cat, named puppy, are some of my favorite pastimes. This year I've decided it was time to stop being so lazy with my style and therefore I'm forcing myself choosing to dress nicer and even document the journey on my blog. However,that's not all I blog about. I blog about my great traveling adventures, and my everyday life. Sometimes I even show you snippets of my journal and teach you some of my secret talents. I hope you enjoyed this post and check out my blog. And again, thank you so much for your patience Prim!
xx | Natalia.

Oh ladies, if any of you would like to leave a comment I would ask that you please go to her blog and leave it their. Thank you :) Thanks so much Natalia! Have a wonderful day y'all! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot coco//awkward moments...Hockey?

Incase y’all can’t tell from the pictures…. it snowed! We have about 8 inches. And our pond is freezing…so that means…? Ice skating, hockey (which…to tell you the truth I stink at) I just could never grasp the skating around the pond with a stick bigger then me trying to hit a little puck that looks like an oversized burnt pancake…and not end up colliding with my team mate…don’t take it wrong, I love the sport…it’s just that I, well I could use a few tips from someone who knows how to play. ;) But who said it wasn’t fun colliding with a teammate, or laughing about one of the wonderful epic failures of missing the burnt pancake I mean the puck and landing on your marshmallow… it’s definitely fun! Anyway who cares if you can play or not…all that matters is that your having fun! And we usually do.

Ohhhh, and hot coco! How could I have forgotten? It’s like a cure to everything…you know? That wonderful feeling of the warm mug in your hands with coco-ey smells tickling your nose…or plopping a few marshmallows in there that look like floating clouds that are melting in to a gooey yummy-ness! Yup. I love it. And besides all the smells, and the cloud-imitating  marshmallows. The taste. It’s like heaven on earth (no, not really, but it sure taste great) can’t your agree? Or do you like coffee and tea better?

Have you ever been in that awkward moment where your with a bunch of friends laughing and doing what girls do best, when you have that sudden erg to sneeze while your laughing so hard that you don’t have time to cover form the sneeze attack. So, you try to hold it in but it takes over and it ends up being a half sneeze and a half suck- in- through the nostrils…which makes this interesting noise that sounds like a mix of a snort and a nose spasms. Yeah it happened to me…we were laugh pretty hard about that for a few minutes. I can’t say it wasn’t awkward…  but hey, that’s what makes life…right? Those wonderful unforgettable awkward moments? We all we’ve hade our fare share of ‘em. Anyways I hear the more you laugh the longer you live.

Well, I’ll talk to y’all later. Have a wonderful new year.

My Fabulous Finds:

Hat: Claire’s
Shirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Abercrombie
Skirt: Made by Me
Belt: Hollister


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Fall?} Wait... what happened to winter?

It's quite true y'all it feels and looks like fall. No snow. No leaves. But we have sun, fairly warm weather, grass that isn't covered by snow, and a pond that isn't frozen... simply just water... after all that wanting snow...I'm actually quite content with the nice weather...although snow would be nice. It's actually very refreshing...I don't really know why.

I've been trying to look for some hard crust bread recipes. Do you know of any really good ones? I would love to have the recipe.... that is if your willing to give it up. ;)  

We've been pretty know the usual; Comers and goers at the house, parties, re-adjusting to life, Hanukkah, hunting, school. Oh, and we might be going to a New Years Eve party in Tennessee! I'm pretty excited for that...even though I'm not ready to go on another longgggg road trip...  

I absolutely loved this outfit for today... the skirt is so easy and wavy...that it feels like your almost wearing nothing (I know, kinda weird) but it's true. The green shirt went just perfectly, and the tan sweater was also easy and warm. I was really excited on how all of it just want together so nicely! I have my Mom to thank for letting me borrow the skirt.  

I'm kinda sorta in a sewing mood today....hmmm...I wonder what I should sew...I saw this really cute idea for a skirt on Pinterest...hmmm...I think i'll just have to try it out. 

Have a blessed day everyone! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Necklace: Resale shop 
Shirt: GoodWill
Sweater: Loft
Skirt: GoodWill
Slippers: Garage Sale

Saturday, December 15, 2012

-Mix and Match-

No, I actually didn't wear this outfit today....but I absolutely love it, so I thought I would just go ahead and post it. I had fun mixing and matching...and trying to see if I could get it all to flow....I think I accomplished that. What do you think?

We still haven't had any snow...but we did have 3 sunny days in a row. It's better then gray. So I was pretty thankful for really boosts my day.

Tonight is the last night of I can't believe it passed so fast. And 2013 is almost here!  This year didn't really feel that long at all just flew right past me.

Beanies...I LOVE beanies! Do you? They are just so easy, stylish, and can dress up or down an outfit. 

Lats night we went to a Hanukkah party at our Fellowship. It was a lot of fun! All of the kids played cards, hide and go seek ( that didn't last long) Talked, ate lots of yummmmmmyyyy treats, met some new family's ( that was definitely the hight light of the night) Planned a girls day with 2 new girls we met, and just had a really great time.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Beanie: Garage Sale
Scarf: From Brooklyn 
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Kohl's 
Skirt: Aeropostale
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Payless Shoes