Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Closet Quote of the day!

Be the kind of women: that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says; oh no, she's up

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summers over...{almost} Fall is right around the corner!

Hey y'all! We are back from IN! It feels soooooo good to be home again... I can't even begin to say how much I love the smell of my own house and dish soap... Yup. we have this certain dish soap that we used the first day we moved into our house, and... I guess it just stuck. Oh how I love the feeling of my own bed! (ever felt like that?) Well, by dad's Birthday went great! We had a get-together with some friends, ice-cream cake, presents, and laughter! It all went better then we planned. :)

Sorry about the long absence of what was it... 5 days? Well, as you know we were in IN and we also have a garden to harvest! We have corn growing out of our ears, green beens to freeze, tomatoes to can and weeds to pick (I'm sure y'all know the word "busy" as well as we do) ;) But I love the feeling of always something to do! (do you ever feel like that?) 

This is actually my sisters shirt and belt. But she let me borrow it for today! It was pretty big and had sleeves but she brought the shirt and sleeves in so it would fit better. A needle and a little thread can work miracles! 

The trees are already turning colors, and you can smell fall in the air! Even though it is extremely hot a humid out! 

I best be on my way y'all! 
How did you spend your weekend?

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Sisters
Tanktop: Aeropostale 
Belt: Kohl's 
Skirt Route 66


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Allergies VS Humans!

So, tomorrow we are leaving to go visit some friends in IN! I'm pretty excited. If my timing is right were going to leave at around 7:30 am tomorrow and get to their house at...ummm.. 11:00 am. My Dad's Birthday is on Monday, but we decided to just celebrate it on Saturday with a bunch if friends, since we'll be up there and all. ;)

Lats night I was in the sewing room just looking around and I found this dress that absolutely hideous. But with a few cuts here and there and a few stitches...I created it into the skirt I'm wearing now! It's super comfy and stretchy.  And now I just absolutely love it. If you would like to know how to make the skirt go here: ;)

So we have been packing, cleaning, washing, vacuuming, sweeping, and the occasional blog check here and there :P I'm suffering from a severe case of allergies! Ugh. I'm sure anyone else who has them can relate to this. I have been up for two hours every night sneezing my head off. And walking around the house hugging a tissue box ;) Every time I'm finished from a sneeze attack my nose looks like a read tomato... lets face it y'all the little pills that are supposed to work miracles...ha, they don't. It's almost like you need to wear a gas mask all day...although that wouldn't be stylish... and how would I call this blog Fashionable Inspirations? It would be more like Fashionable Inspirations with a gas mask :P Who else can relate to this?

Ahhhh... I love summer! But I can't believe it's almost over! 

Well, I will see y'all later! Enjoy this beautiful day.

My Fabulous Finds:

Head band: Goodwill
Jacket: Kohl's 
Shirt: Hollister
Tanktop: Aeropostale 
Skirt: Made by me 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tree Top Treasures

Have you ever had those days when you just want to try on allllllll your clothes and see what goes and doesn't go? Last night was one of those "days". I found this treasure of a shirt stuffed between my favorite navy blue Hollister shirt of those shirts you wished you never would have bought...yeah the kind that belongs in the wayyyyyy back of you closet...and uh...thats where it stays (but hey, one day it might come in handy...right?)  
So anyways I found this shirt there and totally gasped because I haven't see it in about 2 years ( I know right?) I got it from Kohl's, At the time it was a tad to big, thats probably how I forgot about it. I'm really excited that I found a new treasure! It' not every day I'm surprised with my closet. (well I sometimes am) ;)

Some of my tank tops are thin straps so this looks great with them, and also keeps it quite modest.

Have a fabulous day! 

What treasures have you recently found in your closet?

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Kohl's 
Tank Top: Garage Sale
Belt: Mom's Closet 
Skirt: Hand me down 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Closet Quote Of The Day!

"No more looking back. Give yourself a fresh start. Forget your sins and failures and move on. Look forward not back. Freedom is out there take hold of it, never let it go. Obstacles will block your path, don't cower behind them, push them out of your way... and look towards the finish line. NEVER LOOK BACK"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hey y'all! Well camp has ended *sniffle* We had the best time ever!! Like: Staying up until 4:00 am every night, drinking coffee on the roof, legit scavenger hunts (yeah really legit) riding the 4wheeler with the best friends ever, playing poker late into the night, awesome mother and daughter time, great speakers, volleyball, and one of my favorites: The last day of camp after all the campers left, all of us kids and the out-of-town kids decided to do some shooting, so my older brother brought out his HUGE collection of guns (yeah he has a LOT) We all shot his 9mil sig, shotgun, 22 riffle, 32 caliber pistol and the AR 15. We live on 62 acres... with lots of trees, a long drive way, a big house and lots of laughter shared with friends and family. I can't say life is perfect... we all have our struggles and hard ships, but all of those help us to grown into champions... so no, I can't say everything is "perfect" but...well... life is good. We should always try to look at the bright side of all situations, even when bad things come along... everything is for a reason, they drawn us closer to Christ, our friends, family... and We should look at everything as an opportunity and a blessing, and thank God for all the good things he has bestowed upon us... sometimes I spend so much time asking Him for things... and never really thank him. Never forget how faithful he is to us. And how much his love is overflowing from heaven to bless us. He LOVE's us sooooo much. :)

 I'm absolutely speechless on how much the weekend really impacted me, and the people around me! Lord willing we will do it again next year! I can say with no doubt that I am counting the days.  

Who else likes camping or hosting camps? Yay or Nay?

So in this outfit I was pretty tired of late nights and clean up... that's kind why I didn't really spruce it up up to much :P I know I was being lazy... oh why do I bother trying to come up with a valid excuse and just face the truth I was being lazy in my choice of outfit :P 

Well I better ska-doodle and finish up canning those lovely red squishy, messy tomatoes ( no I'm not the biggest fan of them. 1 they ignore every command I give ( if they would just listen to me life would be so much easier for them...maybe) 2 they're so squirmy... you would have thought they we you know what I mean ;) and 3 there just plain down right red! I don't like that color. And with all that said I actually enjoy canning... imagine me enjoy it after I just told you 3 reasons why I don't "like"  them. I'm not a fan of the tomatoes but I do enjoying the canning process. Okay I'll see y'all later... I'm sure I've confused you enough for one day. :P  

My Fabulous Finds!

Shirt: Aeropostale 
Skirt: Angels 
Belt: Garage Sale 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Todays the {day}!

Toady is The Mother Daughter Camp out! Whoooo! We have soooooo much to do! It seems like it took forever to get to this day. I'm gonna do a shorter post today....cuz yeah, I don't got much time for blogging right now ;) It's calling for a 100% chance of rain today :( We have been praying that we would had some good weather... so I hope it all clears up. And, I have to go cut the field in the rain... well this will be fun. New experiences every day. I actually took these pictures last night... because I wasn't gonna have enough time today ;) Just letting y'all know.

I LOVE this shirt! It's flouncy, light, comfy and oh so easy. I also got this one from Garage sailing. Amazing what you can find in peoples garages! It's also wayyyyyy cheaper then going to a "real store" as my sister would put it. :) I have had this skirt 4-eva'! Absolutely love it. Even though I don't really like jean skirts this doesn't even feel like jean... weird right? It's more like a really light jean material. I also like how it has the slits with the extra material in it... it helps it to be easy I guess you could say.  And also adds some style.

I was thinking of this childish song while watch the rain come down: Rain, rain go away please come back another day. I'm pretty sure there's more words to it but I'm not really one to memorize them. :P

We just got done setting up a HUGE wedding tent in the pouring rain! My Dad, my brother, my sister and I are all soaked to the core... and get this right when we get done the rain stops and the sun comes out! Man talk about moody weather.

Talk to you folks later! Soooo excited! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Short sports tank: Kohl's 
Shirt: Garage Sale
Belt: Mom's Closet 

Skirt: ummmm.... I think.... It was from.... goodwill...yeah I think that's right :P

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lets talk {books} Or better yet {The Bible}

 Hi everyone! Who LOVE's reading? I know I do! I like it sooooo much more then TV because you can imagine everything yourself... as for TV they have this funny way of doing that for you. I love how you can go any where you want when you read those books that really captivate your mind... you know the ones that make you feel like you actually know the character. Sometimes after I'm done reading books I really enjoyed I almost miss the characters that I liked best. I could go on forever about all of my favorite authors! But the one that is always at the top of my list, the one that gives me the most wisdom it's By: God and the title is: The Bible... we like to call it the map to life... or in other words for me I prefer calling it My love story that God wrote for you and I. Every inch of this book has wisdom for us. It's not only enthralling and heart beating... but it keeps you thinking and thinking. Every inch of it you can apply to your every day life. God cares about us so much that he wrote us a Love Story. Why choose it over a book that has some words of wisdom... when this book {our love story} is filled with it? This Book ( I don't even know if the word "book" is fitting for it...because it's not any other book that you pull off the shelf it's {The Book} So today I encourage you to put that Nancy Drew or Hunger Games back and pull down the {One} that has allllllll the answers for you. :) 

{books} books and more books

And other {books} But are we really reading the best book of them all? 

Well I hope I got y'all thinking today. Later everyone :)

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Garage sale 
Skirt: Goodwill


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jumping around the hive

So how is everybody enjoying their summer? I'm having a blast! Next week we are having a Mother Daughter Retreat on our property. It's gonna be 3 days of fun, games, worship, chapel, swimming and one of my favorite actives of all (well it's not really an activity... but it's probably gonna be one of our top ten things to do at night) *Drum roll* Pranks! Yes we are a family of pranksters. And so are most of our friends. So in case I haven't said it enough times or really expressed how excited I am I will say it again "I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!" There now I feel like y'all really now how I want the days to go by faster. Were having a lot of families come from out of town to help out.

 So today me and my older sis were down at our cabin putting up the volleyball net for the camp. I was holding the pole while she was staking the picks into the ground.  As she was doing it she stepped on a ground- bee's nest. What happens from there... I bet you can only guess? The bees are chasing us every where! And they would not STOP until they felt that we got a sting that would keep us away from them. Oh trust me we did. So back to the story; Me and my sis are running around the property like a bunch of mad men...Er...women trying to get them to go away. They left us alone after we hopped on the 4wheeler and drove off into the sunset! Once we got back to the house we discovered that I had a sting on my shoulder, and my sis had one on her back and finger. Me and the bees have made an oath never to cross paths again. 

When we went garage sailing the other day (as Brooklyn mentioned in her post) I got a bunch of the same shirts but all in different colors, this is one of the ones. I was pretty excited because a lot of my shirts just said Aeropostale or Hollister all over them ( Not that I don't like that, but I wanted some shirts that didn't have writing all over them) I also wanted ones that had more of a design to them.

So how did y'all enjoy Brooklyn's post? I know I did! It meant I could just sit back and relax while she wrote it... or in other words as she put it "being lazy" :P

Well, I'll see y'all later... I got some home made pizza to go eat *licks lips* Mmmmm......

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Garage Sale
Half sports top: Kohl's 
Skirt: Kohl's 


Friday, August 3, 2012

Word Wiz, Garage sailing, Kinda a day!

Hey y'all! Prim decided to be lazy and so I'm (Brooklyn) doing the post. Ok fine, she isn't being lazy but I get to do the post anyway with her looking over my shoulder. :) How was that  for a run-on sentence? 

My sister Grace and Prim's sister Sadie decided to have a dog party and I was able to come along to spend some girl to girl time with Prim. We were able to go garage sailing! Usually when I go garage sailing  I can never find anything good (and of course Prim can Don't get me wrong I'm not jealous or complaining. I'm just... slightly jealous and complaining. ) Anyway I did get some good stuff in case anyone was wondering. :P

We did come up with a sort of lesson. Search for wisdom as hard (or even harder ) as you look for good things at a garage sale. Oh and be patient in your search. Unlike a certain friend of mine! You know who I'm talking about. :)

 Fashionable Inspirations Words of Wisdom
(Not really "words of wisdom" just me and Prim talking)

Prim: So what do you think you should say for my Bat Mitzvah?
Me: I'm speaking for your Bat Mitzvah?
Prim: Uh... Yeah
Me: Well... I have no idea
Prim: How about all my wonderful qualities
Me: I don't think that we would have that much time
Prim: Aww.... That's so sweet
Me: Ummm.... I didn't mean that you had that many "wonderful qualities" I meant I wouldn't have enough time to come up with one
Prim: You do realize that I have a curling iron in my hand
Me: Oh yeah... I didn't realize you had dangerous weapon in your possession
Prim *evil laugh*

"Words of Wisdom"
( See, they are totally "Words of wisdom" They show you that you should give your friends a hard time when they are curling your hair.)
Don't bite the hand that feeds you or curls your hair.

Me: Ummm.... uhhhh... Prim.... well.... uh... my dog just poop in you sisters room.
Prim: brakes out laughing
Me: No I'm really not joking she did! In the room! I need some toilet paper to clean it up.
Prim: Can barley get the words out "It's in the bathroom" Without dying from laughter
Me: *runs to the bathroom to grab the toilet paper* picks up the poop and flushes it down the toilet
Prim: That's gonna be our little secret
Me: Yes it is :P

"Words of Wisdom" Keep things like that to yourself... you really don't need to tell everything you know. Especially if it's not all that important like; Dog do-do ;)

Well that's the end of our "Words of Wisdom" I know you all are just hanging on the end of your seat  for more! :P

Oh wait. One more thing. If you want to learn patience just come to Prim. She's not patient but spending time with her will make you patient! Trust me. It'll cure any patient problems you got.!! :P

As I'm sitting here writing this post Prim and I are listening to a Christian radio station. It's really funny because we both keep shouting "I love this song" ,"I love this song to!"

Bye y'all thanks for letting me write this and give you "Words of Wisdom"

My Fabulous Finds 

Head Band: Claire's 
Tank top: Old Navy 
Shirt: Made by me 
Skirt: Hollister 

~Brooklyn and Primrose

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who do you dress for?

Dress in Holiness! And Pureness... and please don't be so concerned with your attire that you forget the real reason why we do it and/or why we go to's not to see who is dressed better or to model our clothing or to see who will notice us the most... it is to glorify, worship and praise our Lord, Yeshua Messiah (Jesus) in holiness! God's gotta change your heart before He changes you shirt... God wants us to glorify him in everything we do (not just in dressing modestly) But EVERYTHING. :) If we make fashion our idol there is no room left for our one TRUE Creator... we are so filled up with "us" that we forget the one true reason why we are dressing modestly. So I encourage you today to dress for our Savior. :)  

"Rather, clothe yourselves with Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) , and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature."
Romans 13:14