Friday, August 3, 2012

Word Wiz, Garage sailing, Kinda a day!

Hey y'all! Prim decided to be lazy and so I'm (Brooklyn) doing the post. Ok fine, she isn't being lazy but I get to do the post anyway with her looking over my shoulder. :) How was that  for a run-on sentence? 

My sister Grace and Prim's sister Sadie decided to have a dog party and I was able to come along to spend some girl to girl time with Prim. We were able to go garage sailing! Usually when I go garage sailing  I can never find anything good (and of course Prim can Don't get me wrong I'm not jealous or complaining. I'm just... slightly jealous and complaining. ) Anyway I did get some good stuff in case anyone was wondering. :P

We did come up with a sort of lesson. Search for wisdom as hard (or even harder ) as you look for good things at a garage sale. Oh and be patient in your search. Unlike a certain friend of mine! You know who I'm talking about. :)

 Fashionable Inspirations Words of Wisdom
(Not really "words of wisdom" just me and Prim talking)

Prim: So what do you think you should say for my Bat Mitzvah?
Me: I'm speaking for your Bat Mitzvah?
Prim: Uh... Yeah
Me: Well... I have no idea
Prim: How about all my wonderful qualities
Me: I don't think that we would have that much time
Prim: Aww.... That's so sweet
Me: Ummm.... I didn't mean that you had that many "wonderful qualities" I meant I wouldn't have enough time to come up with one
Prim: You do realize that I have a curling iron in my hand
Me: Oh yeah... I didn't realize you had dangerous weapon in your possession
Prim *evil laugh*

"Words of Wisdom"
( See, they are totally "Words of wisdom" They show you that you should give your friends a hard time when they are curling your hair.)
Don't bite the hand that feeds you or curls your hair.

Me: Ummm.... uhhhh... Prim.... well.... uh... my dog just poop in you sisters room.
Prim: brakes out laughing
Me: No I'm really not joking she did! In the room! I need some toilet paper to clean it up.
Prim: Can barley get the words out "It's in the bathroom" Without dying from laughter
Me: *runs to the bathroom to grab the toilet paper* picks up the poop and flushes it down the toilet
Prim: That's gonna be our little secret
Me: Yes it is :P

"Words of Wisdom" Keep things like that to yourself... you really don't need to tell everything you know. Especially if it's not all that important like; Dog do-do ;)

Well that's the end of our "Words of Wisdom" I know you all are just hanging on the end of your seat  for more! :P

Oh wait. One more thing. If you want to learn patience just come to Prim. She's not patient but spending time with her will make you patient! Trust me. It'll cure any patient problems you got.!! :P

As I'm sitting here writing this post Prim and I are listening to a Christian radio station. It's really funny because we both keep shouting "I love this song" ,"I love this song to!"

Bye y'all thanks for letting me write this and give you "Words of Wisdom"

My Fabulous Finds 

Head Band: Claire's 
Tank top: Old Navy 
Shirt: Made by me 
Skirt: Hollister 

~Brooklyn and Primrose


  1. You're so pretty! Totally jealous..

  2. Good job Brooklyn!! And go Prim! :) Love the words of wisdom...curling irons are so dangerous...Especially when your sister is mad at you and curling your hair!! :P

  3. Brooklyn said thank you so much! Oh were so happy you liked the words of wisdom did ya learn anything from them? Yes they are VERY dangerous!