Monday, August 6, 2012

Jumping around the hive

So how is everybody enjoying their summer? I'm having a blast! Next week we are having a Mother Daughter Retreat on our property. It's gonna be 3 days of fun, games, worship, chapel, swimming and one of my favorite actives of all (well it's not really an activity... but it's probably gonna be one of our top ten things to do at night) *Drum roll* Pranks! Yes we are a family of pranksters. And so are most of our friends. So in case I haven't said it enough times or really expressed how excited I am I will say it again "I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!" There now I feel like y'all really now how I want the days to go by faster. Were having a lot of families come from out of town to help out.

 So today me and my older sis were down at our cabin putting up the volleyball net for the camp. I was holding the pole while she was staking the picks into the ground.  As she was doing it she stepped on a ground- bee's nest. What happens from there... I bet you can only guess? The bees are chasing us every where! And they would not STOP until they felt that we got a sting that would keep us away from them. Oh trust me we did. So back to the story; Me and my sis are running around the property like a bunch of mad men...Er...women trying to get them to go away. They left us alone after we hopped on the 4wheeler and drove off into the sunset! Once we got back to the house we discovered that I had a sting on my shoulder, and my sis had one on her back and finger. Me and the bees have made an oath never to cross paths again. 

When we went garage sailing the other day (as Brooklyn mentioned in her post) I got a bunch of the same shirts but all in different colors, this is one of the ones. I was pretty excited because a lot of my shirts just said Aeropostale or Hollister all over them ( Not that I don't like that, but I wanted some shirts that didn't have writing all over them) I also wanted ones that had more of a design to them.

So how did y'all enjoy Brooklyn's post? I know I did! It meant I could just sit back and relax while she wrote it... or in other words as she put it "being lazy" :P

Well, I'll see y'all later... I got some home made pizza to go eat *licks lips* Mmmmm......

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Garage Sale
Half sports top: Kohl's 
Skirt: Kohl's 



  1. homemade pizza! :) You're making me hungry! *GRIN*
    Plain tops are the best way to go (for me) they go with absolutely everything! I've yet to find anything at a garage sale (clothing wise)! Definitely sounds like you hit the jack pot!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Me to.... it was amazing! Heehee I know how to make you even hungrier! :)

    Same here, there so easy... and yes they do go with everything! I usually never find anything... so yeah I guess I did hit the jack pot!