Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summers over...{almost} Fall is right around the corner!

Hey y'all! We are back from IN! It feels soooooo good to be home again... I can't even begin to say how much I love the smell of my own house and dish soap... Yup. we have this certain dish soap that we used the first day we moved into our house, and... I guess it just stuck. Oh how I love the feeling of my own bed! (ever felt like that?) Well, by dad's Birthday went great! We had a get-together with some friends, ice-cream cake, presents, and laughter! It all went better then we planned. :)

Sorry about the long absence of what was it... 5 days? Well, as you know we were in IN and we also have a garden to harvest! We have corn growing out of our ears, green beens to freeze, tomatoes to can and weeds to pick (I'm sure y'all know the word "busy" as well as we do) ;) But I love the feeling of always something to do! (do you ever feel like that?) 

This is actually my sisters shirt and belt. But she let me borrow it for today! It was pretty big and had sleeves but she brought the shirt and sleeves in so it would fit better. A needle and a little thread can work miracles! 

The trees are already turning colors, and you can smell fall in the air! Even though it is extremely hot a humid out! 

I best be on my way y'all! 
How did you spend your weekend?

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Sisters
Tanktop: Aeropostale 
Belt: Kohl's 
Skirt Route 66



  1. Where at in Indiana were ya'll? Im from Indiana myself :)

  2. That's so cool! It was in Valparaiso? Is that anywhere close to you? :)

  3. Very cute outfit :) And I can totally sympathize with missing things like that! I can't even notice that my house has a smell, until I go somewhere else. I'm always saying, "Oh, that smells like so and so's house" :P lol

    1. Thank you :) I know right... it's when you come home you really do smell that smell! I say that all the time too! Lol