Thursday, August 23, 2012

Allergies VS Humans!

So, tomorrow we are leaving to go visit some friends in IN! I'm pretty excited. If my timing is right were going to leave at around 7:30 am tomorrow and get to their house at...ummm.. 11:00 am. My Dad's Birthday is on Monday, but we decided to just celebrate it on Saturday with a bunch if friends, since we'll be up there and all. ;)

Lats night I was in the sewing room just looking around and I found this dress that absolutely hideous. But with a few cuts here and there and a few stitches...I created it into the skirt I'm wearing now! It's super comfy and stretchy.  And now I just absolutely love it. If you would like to know how to make the skirt go here: ;)

So we have been packing, cleaning, washing, vacuuming, sweeping, and the occasional blog check here and there :P I'm suffering from a severe case of allergies! Ugh. I'm sure anyone else who has them can relate to this. I have been up for two hours every night sneezing my head off. And walking around the house hugging a tissue box ;) Every time I'm finished from a sneeze attack my nose looks like a read tomato... lets face it y'all the little pills that are supposed to work miracles...ha, they don't. It's almost like you need to wear a gas mask all day...although that wouldn't be stylish... and how would I call this blog Fashionable Inspirations? It would be more like Fashionable Inspirations with a gas mask :P Who else can relate to this?

Ahhhh... I love summer! But I can't believe it's almost over! 

Well, I will see y'all later! Enjoy this beautiful day.

My Fabulous Finds:

Head band: Goodwill
Jacket: Kohl's 
Shirt: Hollister
Tanktop: Aeropostale 
Skirt: Made by me 


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  1. Sorry your feeling so down! I have never seemed to have to big of a problem with it but my mum and brother get it bad! I know! I feel the same way. Summer has gone bye so fast. School will be starting a a few more weeks.

    Keep Shining, Lizzy <3