Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lets talk {books} Or better yet {The Bible}

 Hi everyone! Who LOVE's reading? I know I do! I like it sooooo much more then TV because you can imagine everything yourself... as for TV they have this funny way of doing that for you. I love how you can go any where you want when you read those books that really captivate your mind... you know the ones that make you feel like you actually know the character. Sometimes after I'm done reading books I really enjoyed I almost miss the characters that I liked best. I could go on forever about all of my favorite authors! But the one that is always at the top of my list, the one that gives me the most wisdom it's By: God and the title is: The Bible... we like to call it the map to life... or in other words for me I prefer calling it My love story that God wrote for you and I. Every inch of this book has wisdom for us. It's not only enthralling and heart beating... but it keeps you thinking and thinking. Every inch of it you can apply to your every day life. God cares about us so much that he wrote us a Love Story. Why choose it over a book that has some words of wisdom... when this book {our love story} is filled with it? This Book ( I don't even know if the word "book" is fitting for it...because it's not any other book that you pull off the shelf it's {The Book} So today I encourage you to put that Nancy Drew or Hunger Games back and pull down the {One} that has allllllll the answers for you. :) 

{books} books and more books

And other {books} But are we really reading the best book of them all? 

Well I hope I got y'all thinking today. Later everyone :)

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  1. Great words Anai! You inspired me to put down "Christy" and start reading the Bible. Love you!

  2. Thanks! Awww.... yay I'm so happy! Oh my goodness I just ordered Christy from the Library... weird ;) Love you more!

  3. Glad to see yet another young lady blogger who dress modestly yet doesn't look like Laura of the LIttle House series! Keep up the good work, sister! :)

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