Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grace Kelly's unknown Daughter... and I'm !{back}!

Hey y'all! If you can read this, then praise God! It feels good to be up and running...but enough with the celebrating, let me tell you I finally I found a temporary solution for the picture problem...yay! So, I can give y'all a rough draft of what's been happening around here.

 I've been tramping through chicken droppings and mud in a silk dress and high-heals (fun), late nights, VERY interesting and quite weird Apples to Apples games, spelunking with a whole group of friends (AMAZING), waiting in line for 45 minutes to get the best pizza in Indiana (seriously it was really yummy) riding a golf cart around with the neighbor kids until you have enough blisters from holding on to tight because the driver decides to do rainbows every 2 seconds...and enough bugs to make a whole yummy salad (but it was pretty fun!), photo shoots with friends, bowling with some of the best friends EVER, running to the gas station with your brother, little sister and 2 of the neighbor kids to get some soda... we were there for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to instead of going with our original plan of "just a soda" we left with..... 6 sodas, 2 push up pops, 2 snicker bars, 3 packs of gum, potato chips and a not very happy check out lady...whoops didn't mean to get on her bad side, and then on the way back we pass by my sister and her friend who went to Starbucks. 

Going on a last minute dune trip with some friends, baking peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies (yummy), dancing with your sister to the song "Don't Stop The Madness" by Tenth Avenue North, family devotions, Girls Bible studies...I would say more but...this would be a very LONG post. :P  

Today it was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was about 75*, there was a wonderful felt just like summer again, and tomorrow were supposed to have snow...weird huh? Don't you just love how the weather teases you?

Today I went with a Grace Kelly's outfit/wardrobe style! It's supposed to be my 60's outfit...what do y'all think? Yay or nay? It was really funny wearing it...and I loved the colors. As I was sitting here writing it, my mom and one of her friends were saying that my outfit style looked like Grace Kelly's...and then one of the mom's said that I should title this post "Grace Kelly's unknown Daughter" and so I did. :)

Who already has snow? I'm dreading it...lest just say; sliding off an icy road or trenching through wet white snow...we just don't mix to well. Who else shares my dislike for snow? Anyone? 

          I better go, it's almost eleven and my friends are calling me to a Euchre game...and I gotta say that's my week spot! Yup ya learn something new about me every day ;) Well I'll see y'all later.

My Fabulous Finds: 

Shirt: Kohl's 
Skirt:'s my friends, friends yeah I don't really know :P 
Beautiful Weather: The Almighty



  1. Yup, we've already had two bouts of snow! One of them we got about a half inch, the other we got about 4 inches! I actually LOVE snow! So long as the roads aren't dangerous and icy...

  2. love your outfit! so cute :) you are so gorgeous