Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow...anytime today

We had the first snow today! It lasted for about 5 minutes...kinda depressing that it didn't last very long... and then after it snowed we had some wonderful rain that was not quite welcome by you can tell I'm kinda really wanting snow....I guess you could say the grey and wet weather is really working on my patience. Well then, I guess God knows what spiritual- maturity- character-building I need to be working on this winter...patience. Like they say the Lord works in mysterious ways. But all the more reason for me to appreciate the snow when it's does I guess it's all gonna work time. :)  

I love how in winter when it's warm and toasty inside, but cold kinda get the best of both worlds in this season....when you can sit around the fire place with warm fuzzy socks on, and your cozy slippers, hot coco, popcorn, friends, wrapped in a blanket, maybe a board game or two....and laughter. Or you could go outside and make snow angles in the white frosty blanket that covers your property, go sledding, or ice skating on that beautiful sheet of glass that covers your pond. It's all so wonderful. I can't help but be thankful to the Almighty for everything beautiful that he has given us. 


Whats your favorite way to make hot coco in winter? I would love to hear about it. I like trying new flavors with my hot drinks. You know something that leaves that awesome taste in your mouth...or that other taste that tells you you probably shouldn't try that again.  Haha...Yup I know I'm in my slippers...but that's what the pleasure of winter is all about right...cozy warm-niss. Well not all the time but sometimes winter does call for slippers to be worn outdoors.

Well, I'll leave y'all on that coco note! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Head Band: Claire's 
Shirt: Friend
Tank Top: Old Navy 
Skirt: Goodwill
Slippers: Garage Sale



  1. Cute outfit, Primrose! love the waist band on that skirt!
    *Sigh* I know, I live in Montana-I'm desperate for some snow soon! We have about an inch on the ground, but I REALLY want to go snowmobiling-which requires more than an inch!
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