Monday, June 18, 2012

Will be back soon!

Hey y'all! Well, We have bean CRAZY busy doing lots of stuff that would take to long of me to explain (and I'm sure you have enough going on for you to) :P So I'm gonna give y'all an update: I am gonna be going to a Christian Equine Girls Camp for a month and a half! I'm really excited....But sad that I will be away from posting for such a long time :( This would explain why I won't be answering any comments for the next month and a half starting tomorrow. But I promise the day I get back I will do a post ;) Best get back to packing! See y'all soon! (don't miss me to much :P)

Oh, one more thing....

I decided to add this because I wasn't really in an "fashionable" outfit just some working clothes ;) I made this for my Mom's blog.... but liked it so much I had to add it into this post as a "parting for a month and a half gift/not really just a picture to make up for not posting an outfit" ;)

Hope y'all like it! Bye.