Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend with friends!

Today I'm just gonna do a post on my weekend :)

 Hey y'all! I hope that every body had a very refreshing weekend! I know I did. We had some out of town friends come for a visit, it was the most fun I have had since we got back home from FL. We all played volleyball until our legs felt like noodles, road on the 4wheeler until we had enough bugs in our mouths to make a salad (I know gross right?) Played enough card games that we could do it with our eyes closed, and took enough pictures that our smiles felt frozen in place! :P And last but not least; Went swimming until we felt like little washed up water bugs. 

We decided we had to get LOTS of pics before they left (were girls we LOVE our pictures taken) :P
So we all walked down to our cabin and snapped away.

I decided to just dress causally 1) because we were going to be doing lots of getting dirty activities 2) because it was in the 90s that day so I wash't going to be all bundled up 3) I was going to change for Sabbath dinner so going light and easy seemed to be the best alternative plan.

Well me and my friend were riding the 4wheeler she asked me to stop really quick and said; your hair taste great! Me; ummmm....okay...Ohhh sorry! My hair was flying allllllll over the place so it ended up in her mouth and whipping her in the face. I felt so bad! So I asked her if she had a hair tie? She said; do I have a hair tie? You bet I do! So she very happily put my hair into a messy bun all the way on top of my head so it was far from getting in  her mouth and whipping her in the faee. :) 

 Calyn the girl next to me did this as her new FaceBook cover photo! It looks really cool! :)

 This is my ABSOLUTE favorite photo! Is this cool or what?

This was my second favorite picture! I love how intense the colors are, and the way our hands are together.

On the far left is my sister Zoe, in the middle is Carissa, and on the right is Calyn. 

We weren't all prepared for this picture it was kinda a: we have to get going down to the cabin or were gonna miss our "fun/not really kayaking experience" :P

 My Dad asked if all of us girls wanted to go kayaking. We all agreed it would be fun, but no, it was the opposite of "fun". I wouldn't say it was the worst experience...It was just an...experience. So we all hopped in our kayaks and rode off. Only 2 minutes later we came to a huge dam, So I hopped out on to the dam and started pulling my kayak up...only the dam wasn't all that sturdy so all the sticks fell from under neath me and I went down into the the water. After I came back up got the kayak over the dam and got back into it we came to another dam... This time I tried something else (this dam was a bit smaller then the other one) So I tried to hop over it and have my sister push the kayak a little bit to me so I could grab it....But right when I was about to jump my kayak flipped...and I ended up in the water...again...once we all got back we looked like the lake water monsters :P Soaking wet...muddy and in great need of a bath. So like I said it was an experience. Afterwords we all laughed about it. :)

 This is my little sister (the one who takes all of the fabulous pictures for me) ;)

 We looked nothing like this after our "kayaking experience" :P

After we were all cleaned up we played some poker! It was so much fun...and much better then kaiaking :P Well I best go and get some lunch before we head out to the garden.


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