Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brown is in town!

Hey y'all! Guess what? We (as in us three sisters) got a new phone! No, it's not an iPhone :( But it's really close to one! It has a touch screen too! It's a little bit smaller then an iPhone but it takes some really great pictures! We really really really needed (and wanted) an upgrade, because our old phone was like a...dinosaur. literally it was OLD. All of us girls have been taking turns on it, and timing each other for how long we get we don't live under a rock... :P It's just a new thing...It'll wear off in a few days...I hope... :P

I would say I took these pictures with our new phone...but... no I didn't :P

 I have my hair in three different ways, one is pulled up, one is down, and one is pulled in a side braid (I must have not been satisfied with the same hairdo in each picture)  :P 

Time for Weird and Wonderful! Yay!


- Going over to your neighbors house on the 4wheeler to water their flowers because they left to go to Disney World. So after your done watering, you jump on the 4wheeler, turn it on, and it starts making this really weird come to figure out that it needs a new we have to push it allllll the way back to our house. Me and my sister hop off and push it across the road into the bean field and then down our VERY long drive way....the whole time were hoping none of our neighbors are watching us. 

- Twirling your hair around your finger so much that you knot it (bad habits) :P

- Going on your new phone and looking at the same pictures and over again because it makes you feel really cool to have a new "touch screen phone" 

- Asking you sister if Grew from Despicable me is bald...I don't know why that popped into my head but it just did.

- Constantly switching positions in your seat because you can't get comfortable. Then getting up and you leg is numb because you sat your "comfy" position to long.

- Your trying to smell lotion but you don't smell anything, so you bring it a lot closer to your nose and squeeze it a little bit, what happens? You squirt it up your nose! Well I guess now I can smell it all day :P


- Sitting on the counter eating watermelon.

Buying the new "Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows"!! (it was great! But I thought "The Avengers" was better)

- Not having to weed the garden! Yay that's probably one of my most wonderful things to say today!

- Getting a new phone!

- Playing lots of volleyball! 

- Packing for your month long Equine Christian Girls Camp!!

Well that's all I have for today! See y'all later. :)

My Fabulous Finds:

Shirt: Forever21
Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: Made by me
Necklace: Michaels
Earrings: Garage sale
Belt: Garage sale
Hair clip: Hand me down



  1. Haha! I didn't even notice that your hair was in three different styles! I like the first one!!! I love my hair in a clip...because it is off my neck!! :) Love the outfit!!

  2. Haha! Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the change in each picture and see if anybody would have noticed :P Me to, it was so easy! I know right on hot summer days like this I would rather have a nice breeze on my neck (if there even is a breeze)....theres lots of reasons why I would probably pick a clip instead having my hair down to! :)

    Thanks! :)


  3. just a few mins, I will be posting a new "Fashion Friday!"

  4. Hey! Ooooo yeah I'm gonna go read it right now! :)