Friday, May 25, 2012

Jean, Hollister, Spring thing!

Yay, Its Friday again! One of the most busiest days of the week for us! I just found out that the weather is going to be in the 90s yikes! I think my outfit might be a little bit to...warm for today. Oh well, I think I will just be brave and stick with it. :)

I wouldn't be able to find enough words that really express how much I LOVE this jean skirt! It goes with almost anything, and is super comfy (of course my motto) The comfier the better!

The internet is s.u.p.e.r slow. That's definitely one of the cons of living in the country :P So it took me about 30 minutes to upload these pictures...

Don't you just love that spring breeze? And the smell of freshly washed laundry? Ahhhhhh.....

When I was originally doing my hairdo it was just going to be a simple side braid, then I started playing with it, and I figured out a really cut way to pin it up, without it falling out :) Well, enjoy your fabulous Friday! 

Update: I will be changing my Weird and Wonderful Friday to Wednesday :) 

My Fabulous Finds 

Head Band: Claire's 
Bolero: Hand me down 
Tank top: Old Navy 
Shirt: Hollister
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Gift



  1. Hi Primrose and Brooklyn!

    I just found your blog and think it's great! I am also a Christian teen that dresses modestly! The weird thing is, from the pictures, I have the same size and style as you! ;) I absolutely love your layered outfits, and I can't wait to subscribe to your blog and read more posts. Thanks so much for your blog, I can't wait to read more!

    Emma J.

  2. Hi Emma!
    Thank you! That's awesome! Whats your favorite clothing company? :) Why thank you!! I would love it if you joined our blog! Sorry about not posting lately We have been crazy busy (you know how it is) ;)But we will hopefully be posting very soon :)

    Primrose and Brooklyn.

    1. favorite clothing company...that's a hard one. I guess just anywhere I can find stuff....seriously, it's just all pick and chose. ;) To tell you the truth, places like God Will seem tho be my best bet for finding lots of modest clothing in one place. But, places like Target and Old Navy also can have a nice range! What about you? Where do you find most of your stuff?

      Anyway, I totally know what it's like to be busy, seems this time of year events just pile up one after another! ;)

  3. I'm the same way! I guess I'm just to cheep to buy my clothes from a "real" clothing store! And yes, most of them aren't modest :( So I usually just buy them from either Goodwill or Garage sales. Yeah, Target and Old Navy do have some great clothing :) I also like Forever21 they usually have some nice stuff! :)

    I know right :) Things just don't stop coming your way!

  4. Totally! Ya, whenever you find something, anywhere, get it...that's my modo! ;) Yes! Forever 21 does have some adorable stuff! I also love all the accessories, plus they're not really expensive.

    So, who does all the posts, Primrose or Brooklyn? Who am I talking to? I always wondered! :) I think it's awesome you guys are doing it together though!

  5. I like your modo! Mine is, If you don't have it, then you NEED it! ;) Yeah it really does! I know right, they are pretty affordable!

    Me; as Primrose is doing all of the post. And you are talking to Me; Primrose ;) Brooklyn is working on a Modesty post for the blog! So that's why I have been doing all of the posts ;) Thank you! We have a lot of fun!

    P.S I really enjoy reading your blog!

  6. Haha, ya, that's another good one!

    Okay, so it's Primrose doing all the posts, got it! :) I'm looking forward to Brooklyn's modesty post! So when did you guys start this?

    Haha, I hate to say this, but I think you're mistaken! I don't have a blog! :) Haha! What's the name of the one you've been looking at? Maybe we can figure this out! :)

  7. Hehee yeah!

    Yup I am! ;) Me to. She is really excited to get it posted! Ummmm.... I think We started it in February this year :)

    Haha, I was reading a girls blog, and I thought it was yours because her name was Emma to! Heehee whoops! Well if you ever do get a blog I'm sure it will be great! ;)

  8. Wow, must be a really special and long post! ;) So are you just going to be giving guide lines on modesty or explain why you dress modestly?

    Haha, I know, something like that happened to me a few weeks back! And, thanks, I have thought about starting one, possibly for crafting and card making, but I just seem to not have time! I found the blog "Fresh Modesty" through Pintrest, and through it found your blog! What an awesome idea to create blogs about dressing modestly!

  9. Yes it is! That is exactly what we are doing the post on. :) She will also be getting different peoples views on modesty, and why they think its important.

    I feel like a duck right now! :P You should, that would be really cool! But yeah there seems never to be enough time to get around to it. I love "Fresh Modesty" I always find my self relating to the things she says! Oh wow that's really cool!I'm so excited you found our blog! Thank you! Me and Brooklyn were inspired by "Fresh Modesty". So a few days later we decided to start a blog sorta like hers. :) I know another girl who has a Modesty Blog, here this is the address she only does modesty post on Fridays. :)