Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Us Sisters!

You see, us sisters have this little thing of always borrowing each others clothes. (I'm sure were not the only ones who do this) :P As I have said before I'm running low on new outfits :( My older sister and I both fit in the same sizes, So I asked her if I could us this outfit today. And of course being the awesome sis that she is, She let me wear it! :)

Wouldn't it be fun if you had 20 sisters and you could all borrow each others clothes (just a thought) Although you would probably have to all be the same sizes, and around the same age. No, It's not a very realistic idea....hmmm... 

 These boots in my opinion are extremely cute! But if you were to wear them for a long time your foot might go numb! :P And I don't think your walking would be very simple. But it's definitely worth it ;)

 Me and my sis were dancing to the song I'm not gonna write you a love song!  I'm still listening to it well I'm writing this post! Yes, I'm kinda losing my focus. I need caffeine! :)
Have you ever had those days when you just want to clean and "sing?"Today is one of those days.

My Fabulous Finds:

Head band: Clair's 
Tank top: Aeropostale
Shirt: Hollister 
Skirt: Old navy
Shoes: Goodwill



  1. aaaa.a........GAAA!! That is GORGEOUS!! =D I loooove it!! XD Especially the boots...:) Sisters are so fun to borrow from!! <3 Okay...I have a weird question! Do you only wear skirts?

  2. Why thank you!! =) Me to aren't they so classy?!?! Yes they are! <3 Yes, we used to wear pants, but they happened to be getting tighter in some spots. They got so tight that your eye was only going one place :( And you know we want to protect young men from things they shouldn't see. And a few years ago we met a family and they had always wore skirts. And it looked very feminine not like plane jane :P My dad said that he would rather peoples eyes went to our face, instead of our behind :) But he said it was totally our decision, if we wanted to stick wearing pants, or change to skirts. Us girls saw that what he was saying was right. So we switched to skirts :) (and I love wearing them!) Were not against wearing pants! :) It's just amazing how differently you act ;) And sometimes we do wear pants under our skirts if we are cutting wood or horse back riding. Did that answer your question? =D

  3. Wow! I very much respect that. I think skirts are very modest and cute, and I try to wear them sometimes. I don't usually wear them in the winter because I hate tights with a passion! :P I totally agree...I definitely try to find modest pants! (which is hard when you're skinny and short..) :)

  4. I agree with you on the winter tights subject! :P I know t is really hard to find modest pants! =D

    1. Yup! Kohl's is my main place to find modest pants! it's good to be skinny, so that nothing clings too tightly! ;) But still...it's annoying because the only jeans I can wear are skinny jeans! :P They aren't really skinny though! :)

  5. It's so sweet of your sister to let you borrow her clothes. :)