Tuesday, May 22, 2012

True blue Cowgirl!

Howdy y'all! Who else besides me likes to be a "cowgirl"? So, last night we had some friends over. We all went hiking, for 4wheeler rides, watch movies, and talked girl stuff :) It was fun catching up with all my friends!  

I got this top from Goodwill! and I couldn't wait to wear it with this skirt! My sis and I got the skirt from a friend. We were both sharing it. So today it was my turn to wear it. Yay!

Couldn't of guessed I was a Cowgirl? Could ya? :P

I had about twenty spinning pictures of me that I had to pick through. One of the hardest things I have ever done :P

Who likes to square dance? I love it! We did square dancing for my sisters BatMitzvah! I didn't know I actually liked it until I tried it. In the beginning it's a little bit hard to catch onto. But when you learn it you will be happy you put all that time into it! Well I'm off to round up all the cattle! :P See y'all later 

My Fabulous Finds!

Hat: Goodwill
Tank top: Aeropostale 
Shirt: Goodwill
Skirt: Gift 
Boots: Goodwill



  1. I went to a barn dance on Sunday night with my sister!! I wore a little black and red and white plaid dress, I did two braids, and wore my Mom's "cowgirl" hat! Funnnn dancing!!

    1. Ohh fun! Of course can't forget the "cowgirl" hat! :)

  2. Stunning!! Love the cowgirl look. :)