Friday, May 11, 2012

Vacations over!

My vacation is coming to an end! I'm pretty excited to be going home! First things first, I'm running out of  new outfits to wear! And every girl knows that she can't wear the same thing over and over again. And I also really miss my house! So I am excited to say that I will be going home in 5 days! :) Yay!

It was really hot today! So thats why I put on this floppy and comfy shirt! 

I'm gonna do a "Weird" and "Wonderful" Friday! So every Friday I will do a little over head of what was "weird" today, and what was "wonderful" :)

My Fabulous finds!

Shirt: Old Navy 
Thank top: Aeropostale
Belt: Goodwill
Skirt: Goodwill


Taking  some pictures of my outfit well the garbage man is driving by, and having him stare at you really weird.

Trying to eat watermelon like a "lady" and end up dropping it on your skirt.

 Putting on some heels, but end up falling over. Maybe they have classes to show you how to put them on....hmmmmm....

Walking out the front door and having your skirt fly up.  Enough said. :P I think I should have invested in bringing some leggings with me.....

Trying to write your name on your water bottle, but end up writing on your self :P

Reading a book and crying out loud because someone died.


My little sister volunteering to take the pictures for me! She's such a rock star! =)

Finishing a book that took really long time to read! Now its on to the next one :P 

Having an awesome e-pal friend that always makes you smile!! :) 

Laughing with your little sister at something that happened yesterday.

 how was your weird and wonderful Friday? 



  1. Heeeheee!! That story wouldn't be mine...would it? And that e-friend...? XD

  2. Nope! 'Cause I'm not an awesome e-pal friend. And my story didn't make you cry! XD

  3. Yes, you are an awesome e-pal friend! And yes your story did make me cry! XD