Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time Flies...like a volleyball

Yo y'all! Oh my goodness! I can't believe summer's almost over. It seems like I have barely been at my own house all summer.... it's just passing so fast. Sometimes I wish everything would just slow down a bit :) Have you ever wanted that?

My Mom just cut my hair.... I wanted more layers. I really like it! And it's a lot lighter.

The other day we had a few families come over for a get together! We all went swimming in the pond, played some Texas Hold 'Em and Scattergories. And the best part of it all made some s'mores! Oh...and my little sister tried cooking cherries over the fire...umm.... how should I describe the taste...well.... lets just say it had a veryyyyy interesting taste :P Yup I'll leave it at that. 

My sister and I played some volleyball last night... except we didn't play with a volleyball net...no....we played red neck volleyball over the clothesline (yes, we have a net...but we weren't in the mood to set it up) It actually worked really well! My parents had quite the time watching us.... my Dad even took pictures.

Until later y'all! Bye.

My Fabulous Finds 

Half sports tank: Dicks Sporting Goods 
Shirt: Hollister
Belt Tony's Saddle shop 
Skirt: Hand me down 


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