Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm just {peachy}

Hey! I bet everybody is looking forward to the weekend? Well, We are hopefully leaving around 6:00 tonight to go to Day Camp (if we are able to get out at that estimated time...which would be a record) We usually end up driving barley a mile, then we have to drive back because someone forgot there phone or we just have to bring this know the usual thing every family forgets on longgggg road trips... :)

Since tonight is Sabbath I went in something a little bit more fancy. This is actually my Mom's skirt...but I snagged it from her closet...Who else besides us girls do that? You know the "oh this would look great with this so I think I will wear it...but it's not mine soooo...hey mom can I wear this? because I have nothing of mine that would match, and it would just look great"? Yeah we do a lot of that borrowing thing :) Ever do that? We really enjoy it! And yes, my mom and I are the same size...crazy, huh?! 

Have you ever done that thing when your about to leave out of State and you can't stop packing and re-packing your bags? I have been doing that all day...I'm driving myself crazy!

Until I'm {peachy} again! See y'all later 

My Fabulous Finds 

Tank top: Garage Sale 
Balero: Justice 
Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Mom's 
Shoes: Consignment shop

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