Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunny with a chance of {soy beans}

 Hey y'all! So how has everyone been? Wow, I haven't been on here a little while... It's good to be back. You know I'm really believing in that saying: Summer is the busiest season... that sure is true.  
This has been a pretty hot summer! It has been up in the 100's for some time now...and it doesn't seem like it's gonna let up. Not that I'm complaining, :P I really like the warm weather but this is a little to warm. Like weeding the garden in 102* degrees...not exactly the best day of my week, but hey at least I got to work on my tan (no, more of a cherry red burn) but it will be a "tan" in a few painful days :)

My Grandma came down for a visit while my parents were in Texas. We have been having an awesome time! Friday we went shopping at Kohl's. They had some really great sales going on. That's where I got this new dress, it's super comfy, soft, and really cool for this hot summer! 

This hat that I'm wearing seems to be the crowd favorite! Everybody I know loves it.  No, it's not's my Mom's... She just recently got it from *** drum roll please*** Goodwill (amazing what you find from there) but I usually wear it more often. I call it the "Indiana Jones hat" Doesn't it look like the hat that he wears in all his movies?

Well, I best go harvest them {soy beans} See y'all later! 

My Fabulous Finds:

Hat: Goodwill
Dress: Kohl's 
Belt: Kohl's 
Leggings: Garage Sale 
Bracelets: Aeropostale 

~ Primrose  


  1. That is so cute and it looks super comfy.

    How do you do it to get a tan? When I'm out on the sun, I get red. I hate that. I wish I can tan without getting red.

  2. Thanks! It is.

    Well yes... I get red to, but if you put aloe on the sunburn part it will be a tan in a few days :)

  3. I am super fair skinned, but I never burn!! It always just turns into a tan...your outfit is so cute!!!!!! I have a dress like that that goes over leggings too! And I'm spending the day and night with my grandma and we're going shopping!! :)

  4. Lucky!! Thank you! Ohhh cool! What color is it? Oooooooo have fun! Send me some pics of the things you get! Please? :)

  5. It's turquoise and grey stripes...with an attached necklace! We didn't buy anything! (other than donuts...)

  6. My sister has the same one as you! She just bought it the other day! Well, that seems like a very fun shopping trip ( especially since theres donuts involved...)