Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple Thursday!!

Well, yesterday we went for an all day drive! So since I was going to be sitting in the car all day. I went with an outfit that was colorful and easy! Happy Thursday!

 I did an easy side braid, to match the easy outfit! 

I LOVE this hair clip! I found it at Claire's. It was love at first sight! I couldn't just leave it in the store all by itself. So I decided to buy it. I just couldn't resist. :)

I love how the flower on my shirt matches with the flower in my hair!

Isn't spinning so much fun? :P

Don't you just love looking at the ground?

My Fabulous Finds

Hair clip: Claires 
Shirt: Aeropostale 
Tanktop: Aeropostale 
Skirt: Goodwill



  1. Love it! But...umm....hmm....why does it say Purple Sunday? It's kind of Thursday! ;)

  2. Whoops.... I think I'm a few days ahead of my self :P Yes you are right, it is Thursday ;)

  3. Hehe! Sorry! ;) I read that and went. "Wait! Is it Sunday???" :D I love that is so...PURPLE!! :D

  4. Hehe :) Thanks for telling me! I love purple it's such a fun color!! Thanks! :D

  5. It's so bright and happy, yet dark and sophisticated! ;)

  6. Yeah your right it is! The colors make me feel like dancing! :)

  7. It's just so happy, and oo...pretty! XD Tomorrow I will be wearing purple! :) Maybe I'll make a blog post about it...:D

  8. Thanks! XD Ooooo you know how we LOVE purple! :) You should!! ;)