Friday, April 13, 2012

Green Spring Friday!

Ohhh my goodness it's already Friday? Wow it feels like the week has just flown by! Shabbat Shalom everybody! Since its warm out today we decided to do an outfit that is colorful, light and Spring-ish! Of course you probably wouldn't be wearing this outfit to go out shopping, or babysit. It's more for church, or a party, stuff like that. Don't you just love the colors? They make me feel so happy!  

This is one of my fav pictures! Ahhhhh I can almost smell Spring through it, can't you? Or maybe thats just because i have the windows open....hmmm.... Well enjoy your fun filled colorful Friday!! 

My Fabulous Finds!

Head band: Claire's 
Neckless: Garage sale
Little jacket: Goodwill
Dress: Goodwill


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